Ribnitz - Organ - Choir - Concerts

Warmly welcome to Churchmusic in Ribnitz.

Working with People who like, as I do, taking part in a greater thing as we ourselves are, called music, is a pleasure.

  • Choirs like "St. Marienkantorei" (traditionel Churchmusic, Sacro-Pop) and "Stimmfärberei" (secular music, sacro-Pop) and the young female Ensemble "Vox Mariae Ribnitz" and "Madrigalchor" (Concerts).
  • Band with Keyboard, Flute, Drums, Singer, etc.
  • Teaching how to play the Organ and Improvise
  • Playing the Organ in Concerts (like 31. December), church services and weddings
  • Organization of the Concert series "Organsummer Ribnitz", of further education and the trip to Organs in the surroundings at the last Saturday in August.

This a part of my work and my vocation.